BGD 中部桌遊設計交流測試,遊戲樣品試玩目錄

我們是來自中部的同好社團 BGD,致力於做出遊戲性及市場性兼具的桌遊。






Based in Taichung, Taiwan, BGD (Board Game Design) is a team with passionate designers and players. We are dedicated to designing board games that are fun and have market potential.

BGD consists of many designers and playtesters. Some designers have games published already. Besides designers, we’ve also gathered a lot of game players who are willing to help playtesting, giving us feedback and suggestions. Experienced designers in the team are always willing to share their ideas and provide guidance.
We have dreams, and we are full of passion, looking forward to develop the wonderful and world famous Taiwanese board games!

You are welcome to try our new games at the BGD booth!